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Once you have the web design, it is necessary to encode it for browsers to read it correctly, this is the reason for this step. The importance of a professional layout is to improve the adaptability to change, better positioning in search engines, load faster and look like the original design.

Cross-Browser Compatibility. It’s important that a page looks exactly the same in all the different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc). Our Layout team has an extensive technical experience to make this possible.
Validation W3C. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), is the regulator of standards on the Web, providing a valid layout model and the tools to perform the validation. A valid page apart from having greater adaptability to future changes in the standards provides better ranking in search engines and ensures compatibility between different browsers. Our team will make sure to validate your page according to the latest standards.
HTML / CSS tableless. Currently many sites offer layout services based on tables, this is extremely negative, not only for being an old technology, but in many other ways leads the pages to become obsolete in a short time, it also limits the design, it can be very heavy load and have major adaptability problems when making changes.
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Completion of Layout. The layout stage ends when each page design is converted to HTML / CSS. At this time, the client will be able to see its website on the Internet, and have the entire layout files needed for future modification.