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Web Systems - Programming

A dynamic site is one that can be administrated by the client without the need to turn to a professional. The advantage of this type of site goes beyond saving money in the medium and long term. A dynamic site is a site that never becomes obsolete, since you can change and correct its content on a daily basis, manage and sell products through the web.

A web system. As soon as the customer decides to create a dynamic site, it acquires a web system and not just a website. The limitations of a web system are scarce, and the possibility of creation infinite.
The client has a tool that can be used, among other things: to manage a business, increase the user-business interaction and enhance its public on the Internet, offer services, constantly advertise and even set up a completely virtual new business. Our team is trained to get the maximum benefit from each system, broadening the horizon of the project.
Specific solutions. On the market you will find solutions that appear to be fast and effective, with general management systems. These systems are heavy and most non-intuitive for the average user. They are also limited when adjusting functions, since they build individual systems based on general solutions that others have built for different problems.
Our team is responsible for performing particular solutions, analyzing with theoretical and practical tools their needs, and building the site the client needs effectively and fast, knowing at any moment what is built and how.
Customer communication. The development process is based on agile development, which proposes a constant interaction with the customer, dividing the development into stages with outputs defined so that the customer can give his feedback, in the interest of achieving a final product more consistent and without the need of drastic changes. It is noteworthy that the process is based on testing, so as to minimize the possibility of failure.
Adaptability. The development model on which the systems function has been set up carefully, based on formal models and adapted according to our own experience and training.
The model is based on the popular MVC (Model View Controller), used extensively in web development, which basically separates the visual and the query part from the database in order to isolate the different parts of the development and contribute to a better adaptation to changes and bug fixes.
Database job. A good databases job is central to any system, our development team made hard work on the analysis of needs and subsequent establishment of relevant databases, to optimize queries and responsiveness of the site to a user’s request, the site keeps a consistent performance with little content so as to millions of data.
Technology. Our staff is constantly training to suit the latest trends in computer world, always providing innovative solutions that correspond to the latest technical advances in the programming area.
Our strength is in developing PHP language for the server, MySQL for databases, and Javascript and AJAX (especially under the jQuery library) for client-server interaction as well as for menus, galleries and related developments.
However the team has the training to adapt to other technologies if required by the project.
Completion of the programming stage. This stage ends with the delivery of the online site as well as the delivery of the source files for later modification. If necessary, manual documentation on how to use the system is delivered, as well as technical documentation on how to modify the database and the development.