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Online Marketing - SEO / SEM

The advertising of the website is critical to its success, several tools are provided to accomplish this. The objective at this stage is to guide the client to achieve maximum benefit from the advertising campaign.

Increase useful users. The online advertising campaigns serve to increase the number of users visiting the site; however it is extremely important to have active users in search of our customer site and not to enter by mistake looking for another service. Therefore a campaign is needed that will carefully point the user to the right direction and consequently benefit the client's intentions.
Our staff is highly qualified to advise the customer on how to target the campaign, what audiences to target and the places where to advertise.
SEO / SEM. The SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) are in charge of positioning the page on top of major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) according to a set of keywords that the client wishes to emphasize. The SEM techniques (Search Engine Marketing) are the use of the tools provided by the search engines (eg. Ad-words) for advertising, emphasizing as well the use of keywords.
At every stage, starting from the design phase, we work to highlight those keywords that the site needs. In the layout stage, we use friendly techniques to increase search engine positioning of keywords, and in the programming stage the techniques used are URL names and adaptability to changing variables. This proceedings are always taken at each stage, is the foundation of SEO techniques, leaving the page ready for the subsequent advertising campaign.
Not only SEO / SEM. The web offers various proposals at the time of advertising, but you should not limit yourself to the search engines, in many cases it is better to advertise directly on related sites than on the search engines. It has become increasingly important, the inclusion of advertising on social networks like Facebook, the fastest growing worldwide which offers a comprehensive advertising system adjustable to customer needs.
Our staff will accompany the client in choosing the type of campaign suitable for him, so that money in budget for this sector is a productive investment.
Constant Process. Unlike the other web developments, advertising requires constant maintenance and evaluation of the campaigns in order to increase profits. In SieteVeinte Desarrollos, the customer can choose between a monthly maintenance by our team, or a brief training on how to use various tools to manage his own budget on each type of campaign.